Business & Commercial Law

Commercial Property

Buying, selling or leasing? Most businesses will be involved with property transactions, whether as an occupier, developer, investor or landlord. Our Commercial Property Department acts for sellers, purchasers, landlords and tenants on a wide range of commercial property matters and can help you achieve your business aims at reasonable cost and, of paramount concern, within your desired time frame.

If you need advice on the above please contact us.

Company / Commercial

Whether you are an established business or starting your first venture, we can advise you as to the law involved in your management decisions and on any agreements you are considering in connection with your business’ progress and expansion.

If you need advice on any of the following matters please contact us:

(a) Company or Business Purchases and Sales

We offer experienced personnel at reasonable rates for these major transactions and can help you through the complexities and look after your interests, whether the transaction involves a share sale or purchase or the acquisition or sale of a business and its assets.

(b) Shareholders’, Partners’, or Investors’ Agreements

These types of agreement regulate the management and control of a business and typically contain provisions which govern the position on death, retirement, or termination, thus providing for as much certainty as possible when a business comes to an end for whatever reason.

We can prepare shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and/or investment agreements.

(c) Agreements with Customers and Suppliers

Every business needs its customers and suppliers, but the unexpected can happen and things do go awry. We can assist by preparing documents which may limit your risk and avoid disputes in such circumstances.

We prepare terms and conditions of sale/purchase/supply, agency agreements, and distributorship agreements, amongst others.

(d) Company Law

If you operate business as a limited company we can help you with company law in so far as it affects you.

We assist with the formation of a company, the preparation and/or amendment of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, re-classification and re-organisation of shares, transfer of shares and registration, changes of directors, and the purchase of its own shares.

(e) Franchises

Our specialists have in depth knowledge of franchise agreements and of the sale of franchised businesses, their setting up and their termination, and the issues that can and do occur.


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