Wills & Probate


It is important for people to make Wills in order to make it easier for relatives to deal with matters after your death and to ensure that your money and possessions pass on your death to a person or persons of your choosing.

Inheritance Tax Planning

We advise on the mitigation of inheritance tax and work closely with Accountants in this regard.


We offer a friendly and efficient service to help you to administer an estate of someone who has died whether leaving a Will or not.

Lasting Power of Attorney

By completing a Lasting Power of Attorney, in respect of your property and financial affairs and/or your health and welfare, you can give one or more persons authority to deal with matters on your behalf should you become incapable of dealing with such matters yourself.

Court of Protection

If you become incapable of managing your affairs because of mental disorder and do not have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place then an application to the Court of Protection is necessary to have one or more persons, known as a Deputy or Deputies appointed to look after your affairs. The cost involved tends to be more than the cost of completing a Lasting Power of Attorney.


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